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Joy Enriquez was singing before she could read. At her kindergarten graduation, she entertained the audience with a solo performance. As a teenager at Orange County Performing Arts High School in California, she decided that a career in music was her true calling. Being a multiple winner on Star Search helped cement her conviction.

It did not take long for the major labels to call. Enriquez however, was motivated by one lifelong ambition: to sing for one of her mentors, artist and producer Babyface. When she was granted the opportunity to audition for a spot in a girl group he was putting together, she accepted.

check out that face, baby!

The truth was that it was not her desire to be in the group, but rather than pass up the chance to sing for the Grammy award winner, Enriquez recorded a half-English, half-Spanish demo for his LaFace label. The A&R department was convinced of her vocal talent and before she knew it, Enriquez was singing a Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton song for Babyface.

Joy Enriquez, her self-titled debut album, included four Babyface tracks. The songs on the album showcase her crystalline voice, youthful energy and soul. A group of talented producers and writers, including Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins, Soulshock and Karlin, and of course, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds all contributed to the project, injecting the album with a sweet R&B feel. As a result, the collaborative effort ensured a sound that would transcend musical trends and a wide demographic range.

beyond her years

The one constant on Joy Enriquez is the emotional depth of a woman who has just entered her third decade of life. According to the mature Enriquez, a career as a psychologist would have been her chosen profession if not for music. Among her social circle, she revels in the role of the counselor and listener.

Her caring and generous nature is a result of a grounded family and spiritual life. "It's more than religion," says Enriquez, "I think it's important to have a personal relationship with God." Her favorite song on her album is "Just When I Needed You," because it evokes special feelings about loved ones and God, who she claims has blessed her "left and right."

In all that she has done so far in her young career, Joy Enriquez has certainly lived up to her name.


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