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World-renowned multi-DJ party act Alice Deejay is most recognized by its singing front woman, the striking "Judy" (who is also referred to as Alice Deejay). The Amsterdam-based all-girl DJ act has been a force in the Happy Hardcore and Progressive House music scenes.

If you're a fan of raves, psychotropic drugs, and twenty-minute long remixes, then no introduction is necessary, but if you're not European, you'll probably need a short course in Alice Deejayism.

foxy judy at the roxy

Born in Amsterdam in 1975, Judy dreamed of becoming a DJ even though her mother was set on her becoming a surgeon.

By the time she was 18, Judy scored her first hit single while DJing at local clubs. One night, while mixing it up for a party at the famous Club Roxy in Amsterdam, Judy met the other members of what would become Alice Deejay, on the dance floor. The less visible members include Angel, Mae, and Mila, who left earlier this year to pursue a solo career in Germany.

It is said that the Alice Deejay moniker given to both Judy and the group is a reference to the way the girls felt the first time they met; namely, like they were "Alice in Wonderland."

It wasn't long before the girls (with most media attention on Judy) began receiving a reputation for supplying great party beats. The group soon decided to go into the studio, which is where the rocket ship of their career took off.

spinning with sexiness

The success of Alice Deejay has torn way across Europe, producing big sales of their debut album, Who Needs Guitars Anyway? and a ton of airplay in all corners of the globe, including North America. While the group has gone from a foursome to a threesome, the girls laugh in the face of history and are working on a new studio album due out later this year.

In the meantime, Judy and the rest of Alice Deejay are reveling in the success of their follow-up hit singles, "Back in My Life," "Will I Ever," "The Lonely One," and "Celebrate Our Love."