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Although it probably annos the band that everyone mentions this, the bassist is a highly recognizable face from two comedic shows. Those being "The State" which I believe came on late at night on MTV, and "Viva Variety" which had it's run on Comedy Central. I had been a fan of both shows and one late Sunday night while watching Matt Pinfield host 120 Minutes, he had mentioned this band and the bassist Kerri Kenney. I vaguely remember the video having something to do with them all in formal dresses at a picnic or something? Anyway, I had the choice of buying this CD or Fluffy's Black Eye when I was 13, and chose the latter. Now that I am an adult I can have my cake and eat it too. *Laugh and applause here* Buy it if you love music, not because Kerri is funny as hell on tv!


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