Fronted by Rose Perry (lead singer /songwriter /guitarist), formerly of the London based girl rock/alt band HER and Nic VanHaverbeke(backing vocals / bassist), formerly of a London based metal band with Jesse Tomes (lead guitarist / songwriter), formerly of the London based industrial/metal band Eliminate the Body, and Matty Cole (drummer), formerly of the London based rock quintet The Shifted, ANTI-HERO revives the sound of the 90s grunge rock scene before music became monotonous and overdone.

With influences ranging from Nirvana to Janis Joplin to Korn to ACDC and yes, even Buddy Holly, you can be assured that ANTI-HERO's originals sound original.

All the players have extensive musical backgrounds, and came together when things went sour with previous bandmates due to conflict of interest, vision, and ambition - to say it blatantly, they just didn't tread on common ground.

The guys and gals of ANTI-HERO are dedicated to their work, love what they do, and won't stop trying until they get there.

Are you ready world? Here we come. Put your hands together for ANTI-HERO coming soon to your town.

Sex appeal, raw talent, and just damn good music.