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Canadian guitarist Ann Prim led three avant-garde-punk bands in Boston, Mass. from the late 70's into the 80's: The Ann Prim Group, Wunderkind, and November Group, releasing several singles and EPs.
"November Group was one of the most interesting of the synth-based, dance-oriented bands. Unlike most of their peers in the early '80s, November Group was austere and harsh, bereft of joy, more influenced by some of the early "dark dance" groups like A Certain Ratio or New Order. They maintained a militant sound, and the vocals (provided by two women, who headed the band) moved from harsh monotone to emotive cries. I only know of two EPs by the band although I think they put an album out; the EPs are worth getting even if you have to get them on vinyl (assuming you have a player somewhere). I was deeply affected by their accessible but truly powerful music as I started playing more, and, to be honest, also by their visuals, which exploited '30s and '40s imagery; they made a video for "Put Your Back to It" which was as good as anything done by major artists back in 1983."
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