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Alize, now aged 17, was born on the coast of Corsica on 21th of August. Hailing from Ajaccio, her childhood on the island was a happy one.

Early on, Alize sought to express her artistic streak. She loved to dance and began lessons at the age of 4. She became increasingly familiar with, and drawn to show business through her acting and singing lessons. At the age of 11, she entered a drawing competition by coloring in an airplane and won first prize.
Not only did she win a marvelous trip to the Maldives - a life-size reproduction of her drawing was featured on the aircrafts cabin, which was to be named "Alize".

But her greatest chance was meeting Mylne Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat. In the year 2000, the chart-topping duo of nearly 15 years was seeking a young artist to sing the song "Moi... Lolita". It was by chance that their paths crossed. After a few studio tests with conclusive results she was chosen. The single was a huge success with over 1.5 million singles sold in France.

Her debut album entitled "Gourmandises" was then in the making. The music was composed by Laurent Boutonnat and Mylne Farmer wrote lyrics especially for Alize based on her own desires, tastes and true life experience. Her songs are about teenage life, doubts, love and ... her greediness. The album was a huge success, going platinum in just 3 months with 300,000 copies sold and with sales to date amounting to over 800,000 copies in France.

The second single "L'Aliz", was released at the same time as the album, producing another hit and reaching number one in the charts with over 700 000 copies sold in France.

In 2001 Alize has won interest abroad with international audiences beckoning her and her album due out in a number of European countries plus Canada, Russia and Japan. Alize has also won a HIT FM AWARD in Russia.

The song "Moi... Lolita" has made exceptional headway for a French single and been a huge success in Europe.

Alize has received a Gold Disc in the Netherlands after several weeks in the top 3 of the Dutch singles chart. And the same happened in Germany, where MoiLolita has also won a Gold Disc and Alize has been in the Top 10 for several weeks and even reached number 5.

And now it is Britain's turn to welcome Alize...


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