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Alabaster rained from Chicago onto Seattle in the first days of 2005 like a hail storm. The skies opened up with a flash flood of gritty female fronted punk rock. Clubs filled up with a new sound crowded with Joe's heavily pop influenced guitar riffs slashing with Kate's varying taste in metal and folk rock guitar licks. Playing every stage in Seattle took an all-star draft, and a mild line up change; bringing with it one of the most solid drummers and bassists this city has ever seen. This only brought great change as the band was soon backed by local indie label, Double Dos Recordings. The road opened up before Alabaster, and the band slammed through most of 2006 and 2007 with non-stop touring. Alabaster accomplished not only had the pleasure of playing the Gorge Amphitheater during Warped Tour 2006, but also landed a spot at Bumbershoot 2007 in Seattle.

The facade began to crumble around the edges, as Alabaster was faced with a the reality of finding a new singer. Though they knew it was coming, it snuck up quick, and just like any good sickness, comes the cure. An angel wrapped in satin healing arrived from the east coast: Moira took the stage as Alabaster's new front woman in 2008. She has already brought more melody and energy to this band then they have ever seen. This matched with Kate's nails-to-the-wall growl, sliding guitar riffs, Joe's rythematic mayhem, KII's hard hitting slice, timed perfectly with the round seduction of Jen's bass, can only be described as an orgasmic kick to the crotch.

Be under the influence of Alabaster, and you'll find yourself addicted to this melodic hardcore rock. Listen close enough, and you'll hear Taking Back Sunday shaken not stirred, with a splash of Evanescence, topped with four over-stuffed olives spilling the sounds of Atreyu, and Rise Against. This is one cocktail you'll be stumbling through a crowded room for more over and over again…


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