female fronted band from Australia.

Death, sex, drugs and guitars are just a few of the colours in this dazy chain of loud powerful lust driven pop, scarred with the chisel of surrealism and polished with the blood, sweat and tears of Messiahs. Its only agenda is to kick down your doors of Perception and to

From arts industrial waste land the guitar bitch cometh. Armed with
7 string warlocks and driven by a machine consisting of Line 6, Marshall stacks and Computers.

For her maiden flight Dazy has chosen songs which best reveal the many facets of the Dazy chain, from a feminine sensuality to manic depressive hard core metal whoredom. Each song is a delicately woven tapestry of drum loops, guitar scapes, and poetry stolen from the archives of La Vey, Crowley and Dr Seuss with a good dose of sarcasm, sexual angst and teen rage as an enema.

In this world of the "nu metal" micro-soft cocks and corporate punk wannabe's, it's good to see that creativity and musicianship is