Harry >>


Harry is Harry, a leather-clad free spirit from Reading, who shares her birthday (10/5/81) with Bono, Sid Vicious and Fred Astaire, Guitarist Rob Holliday, Bassist and keyboard player Eden plus drummer Oly Grasset.

A Madonna and Duran Duran-worshipping pop kid, Harry had her eyes opened to the world of loud guitars and visceral rock by Nirvana's classic 'Nevermind' album. "When I first heard Nirvana I thought 'Wow this rocks!'" Harry grins, her eyes ablaze with the memory. "I love pop songs ...

Katy Perry >>


This Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been wowing critics and fans alike (including the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna) with her big voice, sassy attitude, and feisty, confessional songs. Her debut album, One of the Boys, is a sharp, witty pop-rock gem. Check her out in all of her glory on her myspace page.

Cay >>


Cay were a rock band which formed in London, England, United Kingdom in 1998. The band consisted of Anet Mook (vocals), Nicky Olofson (guitar), Tom Harrison (bass) and Mark Bullock (drums). The band's members were from The Netherlands, Sweden, England and Northern Ireland, respectively. The band issued their debut album "Nature's Little Freaks" in 1999 and the band dissolved sometime in early 2001 after recording a Peel Session in late November 2000. Anet Mook's death was a...

Rose Cora Perry >>


Performer since age four. Writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label & Publicity Firm at 15.

Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero and has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals including: Canadian Music Week, NorthbyNortheast, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Regatta, Warped Tour, and MEANYFest NYC.

Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Perry has been crowned a well-resp...

Vixen >>

All-female 1980's hair band, best known for their top 40 hit "Edge of A Broken Heart". Original members were: Janet Gardner (vocals); Roxy Petrucci (drums); Share Pedersen (bass); and Jan Kuehnemund (guitar). The band's videos for their 2 albums got decent rotation during MTV's "Headbangers Ball" episodes. The band broke up by the end of the 1980's. Janet & Roxy returned in 1998 as a trio with guitarist Gina Stile (ex-envy and Poison Dollys), but their CD was not the comeback hoped for. Janet is...

Minx >>


The unstoppable rock machine that is MINX was born from the ashes of the band Scratching Post.

Rising like a fiery phoenix, MINX will bathe listeners with purifying flames of sheer rock fury.

Courtney Love >>


Courtney Michelle Love (born July 9, 1964) is an American rock musician and Golden Globe-nominated actress, best-known as lead singer for the now-defunct alternative rock band Hole and for her two-year marriage to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

MT-TV >>


MT-TV an original all-girl rock band from England, currently touring the US.

Hot women playing shit hot rock!

Baby Monoxide >>

Formed in a possessed house late 1995 in Minneapolis, four highly volatile forces representing the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water joined together to create a dreadnought of angst and fury. Driven by massive
low-end, distorted guitar noise and rage encompassed vocals, clearly, this was not a force to be reckoned with. Baby Monoxide currently has a five song CD EP entitled "Lake Street Basement Tapes" available from our website.


Sludgy, heavy and all-a...

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