Fluffy >>


Fluffy :: The all-girl punk band from London. Sadly, they split up towards the end of the 90s. But the good news is ALL of the girls are now working on other projects...

Don't look back in angora. Posh girls in negligible negligees or authentic fem-punks with grit and guts to spare? Fluffy take the stand.

"Lets do porn shots." Amanda Rootes moves away from the Fluffy-in-a-line-up-against-the-wall pose and nuzzles Bridgette Jones to demonstrate the outcome of a recent photo session. ...

SK >>

sk is an all girl punk rock band from Panama City, Panama
its formed by
Chantal Rivera- guitars
Crisy Rivera- Electric bass
Stephanie Coco- Vocals
Maria alejandra Branca - Drums

been playing since 2004, the ONLY active girl band in Panama at the moment. The band makes an appearance in a compilatory CD called "Pendulum Planet" (2007) together with other panamanian bands. currently recording ep with 6 tracks!

The Dammit Janets >>

Three former members of Bunny Five Coat + two new guitarists = killer she-punk straight outta the Iron City! Based in Pittsburgh, PA, this all-girl five-piece is definitely more tough than fluff.

Vice Squad >>


VICE SQUAD first found fame in the 80's fronted by Bristol teenager Beki Bond ( aka 'Bondage' ) she has continued to attract new fans worldwide with her awesome voice and FEROCIOUS brand of music.
The current line up have succesfully toured Europe and U.S ( sell-out shows in Hollywood ) and have new album DEFIANT just released which has been reviewed as the best VICE SQUAD album to-date.
Fusing classic punk rock anthems with great melodies and an almost rock / metal attack VICE SQUAD cannot be...

Liliput >>

See Kleenex

Kilbourne >>

3 Canadian girls playing fast, technical indie-hardcore. "Sleater-Kinney meets Refused"

Tracks >>

Boston based band 1975-1978. Led by Lorry Doll, one of punk's original riot grrrls to sneer at popular convention and strap on a Stratocaster. Released the 7" single "Brakes On You" b/w "Bombs Away" in 1977 (Blue Door Records/distributed by Bomp) which was subsequently bootlegged on the infamous Killed By Death (KBD) and Hyped2Death compilation series. Lorry relocated to New York City and led the punk 'n' roll bands the Wild Ones and the Doll-Reys from the late 70s through the 90s, releasing sev...

Devil Kit >>

Helen Destroy (drums for Lunachicks) along with Laurie and Sandy Box (of Bitchcat). Hard punk/metal/rock from NYC. www.devilkit.com for all info.

TAT >>


TAT: n. rubbish, trash, 'an old load of tat' (orig. unkn.)

TAT: n. a 3 piece, female fronted, punk/rock band (orig. London Town)

Pinkberry >>


since 2008,this new school band is established in the begining of 2008. It is a punk music band originated from Shanghai to accentuate Mixture Rock Style of underground music. Group members are yoi(Vocal)?toni(Gt)?porc(Ba)?da men(Dr.); 4 people of this band come from Shanghai,.and besides the guitar,all the menbers r girl.thin finger and strong power!jump for their lifes.as a punk band they try theri bast! after
change of the menber,still dont have the bass,these days they beg...