Darling >>


New all girl-band from London.

Line-up includes Angie Adams and Bridget Jones, both ex-members of Fluffy

Miranda Lambert >>


I'm a singer songwriter from Texas and I act like one. I've been playing and writing professionally since I was 17. No matter what I'm singing, I want to say something that makes people think. I want people to hear my songs and feel something. I want to be appreciated as someone whose music is REAL. I am thrilled with the success of my new album. I wrote 11 of the 12 cuts and my label gave me full creative freedom.

Miranda Lambert took home Album of the Year honors for her critically acclaime...

Sarah Brightman >>


Sarah Brightman (born August 14, 1960) is an English classical crossover soprano, actress and dancer.

Brightman debuted as a dancer in troupes such as Hot Gossip and later released a string of disco singles. She achieved greater fame as a musical theatre performer and partner of theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, originating several roles, including Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera. Her 1984 marriage to Lloyd Webber attracted active tabloid coverage. The couple divorced in 1...

Thee Heavenly Music Association >>


Thee Heavenly Music Association is an apt moniker, but one that the duo of Helen Storer and David Hillis could have a hard time living up to. If murky guitar riffs and some feedback and fuzz are your niche, then step right up! Bands such as the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine are easily discerned here, while current bands such as Singapore Sling and Bikini Atoll are definitely quaint comparisons.

"Synesthesia" starts the album off with a beefy guitar riff and ethereal, ...

Stay at Home Bomb >>

Stay At Home Bombs music ranges from snarling, class of 77 hardcore to melodic polished punk-pop. Its as appetizing and familiar as Moms home cooking. Now mix in the secret ingredient of meaningful, politically charged lyrics and youve got a honey-glazed smart bomb for the masses. As befits a band with deep roots in the LA punk scene, the tempos are fast and the attitude is confrontational. Each member contributes song material, further diversifying their sound.

The idea for Stay At Home Bom...

Sara Evans >>


Sara Evans is a study in contrasts: a smooth-skinned looker hailed by People magazine as one of the world's most beautiful people, yet one who still embraces the values of her small town Missouri upbringing. The Academy of Country Music's reining Top Female Vocalist and a Platinum-selling recording artist who is a deeply spiritual woman with an occasionally bawdy sense of humor.

Accompanying her personal dichotomies, Evans' recording career has traveled a wide course: She was hailed as a cou...

Queen Adreena >>


QueenAdreena is an independent rock band from London, England which is currently signed to One Little Indian Records. Vocalist KatieJane Garside and guitarist Crispin Gray had previously collaborated in the celebrated but short-lived band Daisy Chainsaw. They were joined by drummer Billy Freedom and bassist Orson Wajih and then released their first album, Taxidermy, in 2000, on the Blanco y Negro Records imprint.

Billy Freedom was replaced in 2002 by drummer Pete Howard, formerly of The Clash...

Collide >>


Fuckin awesome industrial band!

Isla >>


Isla are a band of three sisters; Emily, Charlotte and Eleanor. They are currently based in London and have just released their debut EP, 'Constellations'.

Joanna Newsom >>

The Book of Right-On. Enough said.