Rockbitch >>


the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Scratching Post >>

Female fronted metal from Toronto, Canada

Tensile >>

This band are Amazing. if you like My Ruin and Otep, then YOU will love this band. they are amazaing on stage and they really know how to give the stage a beating. they really keep the crowed going wild. with the bassest screeming 'GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR AND MOSH' If you like rock/alterntive/metal then you should like this band. this band should not be missed. if they are touring near you then you will be a fool to miss them. check them out on i realy like them. ive seem ...

Beyon-D-Lusion >>


Beyon-D-Lusion was born from the meeting of Mehdi (guitars/keyboards, ex furia member) and Alexandra (vocals). After recording a 4 track EP, « First Step to the Source », in June 2004, the band released their first album « Intuispection » in November, 2005. The album is a mix of metal, rock and various electronic and oriental sounds.

Lacuna Coil >>


Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.

The Missing >>

the missing: a female fronted metal, industrial, unsigned band in NYC Fans from Metallica to Marilyn Manson to Siouxsie should check them out.

Girlschool >>


The famous all female band who toured many times with Motorhead- they also realeased some tracks together and a whole EP. check out their covers of Tush (ZZ top) and Bomber (motorhead). they are history!

my ruin >>

a metal band with a weird twist,real in your face screaming

kittie >>

4 Girls in the 17-18 age range, making in your face metal.

madam x >>

sebastian bach was the singer in this band..along with two sisters who played the guitar and drums..the drummer went on to play drums in vixen.