Rockbitch >>


the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Lacuna Coil >>


Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.

Otep >>

Brutal in your face METAL! Otep is one of the most orginal bands to date. From gut wrenching screams, skull fucking drums and so much more. Otep will kick you where it hurts.

Still Breathing >>

Still Breathing broke up. Later I found out that they were a christian band! Holy shit

Scratching Post >>

Female fronted metal from Toronto, Canada

Motorpsychos >>

Femme-fronted, balls-out, in-your-face metal punk!

Lennon >>

HardCore Chick rock. Touches On all subjects form her mothers death to lovers who've pissed her off. Her Album is 5:30 Saturday Morning.
The song "Property of Goat Fucker" is a very good tune. The opening line talkes about her mother, who died in a closet from hypervenalation due to an allergic reaction.
She has no Known Website

cycle sluts from hell >>

Rob Zombie was a big fan of this band. Cycle Sluts From Hell were: Queen Vixen, Honey 1%er, She Fire Ice, Venus Penis Crusher, Lord Roadkill. They were an over-the-top/campy band with a sleazy, sexy image. Best known for their "Wish You Were A Beer" video featured in the 1980's on MTV's "Headbangers Ball".

larva >>

LaRva is a metal band from mexico city, formed by three girls and a male vocalist, our major influences are: korn, nine inch nails, kittie, orgy, otep, deftones, static x, nirvana, etc...
as you all know its hard to be females in rock scene, in our lyrics we express this shit, among with our reject to our male based society, our song are about love, hate, depression, anger, sadness...
please visit our official page there will be an english version soon.
our fir...



Female-fronted 3-piece band from Binghamton, New York- IF MAN IS FIVE got their start in the Summer of 2002. Over the last 5 years, IMIF has been amazing audiences with their electric stage performances and eclectic sound. All of their classical training and diverse musical influences meld flawlessly in an assortment of styles ranging from metal to punk, and classical to hardcore. UNIQUE, talented, like nothing you've heard before.