Rockbitch >>


the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Lacuna Coil >>


Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.

Hydra >>

Hydra is a band from Monterrey, NL, Mxico that began to define its style around 1998. The band's music is the result of merging the different influences of its members, that are mainly progressive rock, heavy and doom metal, amongst others.

Genitorturers >>


"This is the story of the Phenomenon known as the GENITORTURERS whose audio-visual exploits have
earned them the title as "the WORLDS SEXIEST ROCK BAND"! as well as vast notoriety with music fans
and thrill seekers from all walks of life! Led by the hauntingly gorgeous vocalist extraordinaire GEN, the band (guitarist Chains, bassist Evil D and drummer Angel) serves up one of the most rivoting live
performances to be experienced! The GENITORTURERS have truly earned the respect of fans and pres...

The Iron Maidens >>


The Worlds only all female tribute to Iron Maiden



An italian female melodicore band!

Motorpsychos >>

Femme-fronted, balls-out, in-your-face metal punk!

Bitch >>

1980's metal band from Los Angeles featuring Betsy Weiss (aka Betsy Bitch) on vocals. The band created a large local following with their S&M stage show. Bitch released several albums through the 1980's on Metal Blade Records, most have been re-issued on CD format.

Crisis >>

Lead singer Karen Crisis infuses her nightmare reality with vocals from hell. One moment she is a beautiful goddess, the next she is possessed by Satan. Backed by a band of men, Crisis is ear candy for the metal fan who's heard it all and wants something new.

Brazen >>

An italian totally female psycho metal band!!!!!!!