Rockbitch >>


the name says it all... drug, sex and rock'n'roll!!!

Lacuna Coil >>


Doom gothic Italian band with Cristina Scabbia on vocals.

Wet Hot Cherry Pop >>

Kick ass all girl hard rock/metal band called Wet Hot Cherry Pop. Hailing from Winnipeg, MB Canada. We have been together for over a year and are making a name for ourselves here in our home town, trust me I'm sure we'll see all of you soon enough!!!!! We have pics and songs recorded that we'd love to share with the whole world!!!!!


Madi - Rhythm/Lead guitar and vocals
Melissa - Bass guitar and vocals
Barb - Drums and vocals
Roxy - Lead/Rhythm guitar and vo...


Rock/Metal band from Phoenix, AZ lead by frontwoman L.A. Rush, who isn't just one of the hardest rockin singers to hit the scene, but also has a phenominal vocal range from soft and innocent, to sexy and in your face full on screaming that will blow your head off. Check the band out at

anahadonia >>

Anahadonia is a female fronted hard-core metal band out of Austin Texas. Influences include Slipknot, Devil Driver, Acid Bath, NIN, SOAD..etc..Currently playing...for merchendise, MP3's, info, shows, and more visit Also available is original artwork, demos, Tshirts, stickers and more. Help support anahadonia and other local metal bands..kudos to other females in metal music!!

Walls Of Jericho >>


Lead singer Candace K. delievers some hard punching hardcore-punk music



Female-fronted 3-piece band from Binghamton, New York- IF MAN IS FIVE got their start in the Summer of 2002. Over the last 5 years, IMIF has been amazing audiences with their electric stage performances and eclectic sound. All of their classical training and diverse musical influences meld flawlessly in an assortment of styles ranging from metal to punk, and classical to hardcore. UNIQUE, talented, like nothing you've heard before.

Bloody Mary >>

3 ladies from Canberra, AUS who know how to thrash.

Crisis >>

Lead singer Karen Crisis infuses her nightmare reality with vocals from hell. One moment she is a beautiful goddess, the next she is possessed by Satan. Backed by a band of men, Crisis is ear candy for the metal fan who's heard it all and wants something new.

Backslash >>

Female vocals for a power thrash metal German band. their cd is "Intention"